Phone Sex Specials

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I am going to be posting in my blog section about phone sex specials.  The month of September I will offer 2 for 1 special, but you must ask for it when you call.  You buy one call and you get a second call for free. I will write your name down for your second free call so please mention it if you want the special.  I can’t wait to play

Kisses and more wet kisses


Phone sex special

what is phone sex ?

Posted by Becky

If you’re surfing for phone sex or if your new to phone sex calls it’s a great way to fulfill fantasies. Who calls phone sex lines might be a question you ask yourself ? All men from all different walks of life call me. I speak to the postman garbageman, doctor,lawyer, actors even some celebrity’s the list goes on…………….. I will never kiss and tell LOL

If asked nearly all men will deny calling phone sex services, but the phone sex industry is here to stay. My phone sex service offers advanced fantasy discovery. I will address any sexual issues you may have or I will explore a fantasy your not sure you want to try it with you partner. I go beyond the common moan and sigh.

I dig into your sexual mind and use my dirty imagination to make the fantasy happen.

Girl On Girl Phone Sex

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Being the kinky loving sex whore that I am sometimes want to eat some pussy. I love playing with girls too. Last night one of my girlfriends I ‘ve known since college came over and hung out at my place.. I did some phone sex calls like I do calls every night, and we made out. I sucked her cunt, licked her clit and then the best part was using my double ended dildo.I fucked her really hard. It was wonderful we both came super hard. I would of loved a guy to have been watching he could of  licked our cunts clean.

Phone Sex and blackmail

Posted by Becky

Last night one of my  kinky callers wanted to spoil me.  He asked me to blackmail him LOL .  I asked him to buy more phone sex calls  and spoil me with a gift card from victoria secret. 

In return I asked him for his cell number  and details about his wife and her contact information.  I told him he would have to call me often and pay for gift cards every week.  If he did not keep up his end of the bargain that I would not have a problem calling his wife.  He was so excited and  he came very hard .

I know he made a big  mess.  Blackmail phone sex rules in my books

masturbate with some phone sex

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I had a hot caller this morning he was in bed and wanted to masturbate over the phone for me. It was so exciting to hear him getting more intense with our phone sex call. I was his naughty girl we did some roleplay he wanted me to be his next door neighbor. I told him what I was doing to my pussy and how wet I had become and that I was fingering my hole and how good it felt……………… I came 3 times on that fifteen minute phone sex call. I can’t until he calls me again

Jimmy you are so hot

Anal Phone Sex

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Anal Phone Sex

Last night I was feeling so horny so I called up a friend, because I wanted to be ass fucked. On yes he wanted to give it to me  he started to lick my pink rose bud.( yes it felt so good) I was watching a porn and I told him to fuck me hard like  a little porn slut on tv. I reached  down and started stroking his hard cock and I knew he was ready for some ass pounding phone sex.

I love the feeling of a hard cock up my ass.  Have you had some good  anal phone sex  lately ?  You can always give me a call I am ready to offer you my hot butt fuck.

Phone Sex

Posted by Becky

Welcome to Rebecca’s Phone Sex bedroom its an open door to all your erotic phone sex fantasies. I am a very sensual and sexual person by nature. I have few taboo’s and will talk to you with an open mind.

Why don’t you unzip those pants and pick up the phone and call me right now. Let’s have some hot masturbation sessions together.I wanna hear you cum for me so hard that we explode together.

I am so wet right now my pink cunt is waitig for a nice big cock to fill me up. Let me lay back and spread wide for you. I bet your cock is big and hard for me too.

If you’re looking for some cheap phone sex then call me  …cause I am ready for you if you think you can handle a phone sex girl like me.

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