James and his roleplay fantasies

Posted by Becky

´╗┐Greetings all. This is my first time ever really posting on someone’s blog before
so I’m naturally awkward, a bit nervous, and still geeked about it. Geeked, there’s
a word that isn’t too abused until I get done with it! Ha! I’ve been debating on what
name I should go with on here, or if I should really post one at all. However, after
much brooding on the rather trivial subject (in the grand scheme of life), I’ve
decided to use my name its James. So, let’s drive this post in some kind of a
direction shall we? My day hasn’t been all that well and I attribute that to TWO
reasons: communication as well as understanding. Let’s elaborate on these points,
but as it pertains to Phone Sex with regards to your’s truly.
I LOVE roleplaying. Roleplays. I love ‘em. In all honesty, they’re my kink,
fetish, etc. I like to challenge the creativity and boundaries Rebecca on the other
end. Most times, I like to empower her but by no means does that make me a true
submissive. I have an idea of where I want to go with a call. It’s important to have
a feel. The easy part is that I truly ‘connect’ with Rebecca
My roleplays are far from the normal. I don’t like to do the secretary, or the boss
lady, or co-worker ones NEARLY as much as I do some far out there setting
(vampires, demoness, Queen, warriors, etc ). By suspending the reality of the
setting, it helps me to focus on the real EMOTIONS and interplay between man
and woman. Often it’s a subtle thing perhaps even overlooked from the
obviousness of why I’m calling (i.e. to have a great orgasm of course!).
I strive for the ultimate, perfect roleplay. I’ve had some very close experiences to
it, so I know it’s achievable. I long for that call that just goes fantastic from the
beginning ‘hello’ to the reluctant ‘farewell’ at the end. In it, the female character
will be intelligent, charismatic, and strong enough to able to be a guiding/sensual
domme type figure. She’ll overwhelm my male character with her own, invariable
‘weakness’ (that being an intense desire to have sex), and she’ll take him by storm
on all three levels (the brief foreplay, the actual seduction itself, and the after
play). I’ll be left spent both physically as well as mentally, but I’ll be okay because
hot Rebecca wraps her body and mind around me and tucks me under a proverbial
blanket so that I can rest up for the next time. If you thinking about doing a
roleplay I really suggest you try a phone sex session with Rebecca, She is one of
my top choices for phone sex girls on the net. I gotta get going or I will be late for

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