What is Phone Sex

Posted by Becky

Phone Sex is a virtual phone encounter between two consenting adults usually participation of self pleasure or masturbation. It involves explicit erotic sexual conversation over the phone between 2 people. Often incorporating masturbation using the sense of touch and vocal noises which I refer to as pillow talk conversation. Phone Sex appeals to men from all walks of life such as students, middle aged men who are married, single, widowed or divorced. Fantasy is a healthy part of sex and phone sex is a way to fulfill desired fantasies. Erotic sexual fantasies often become strong if they are repressed so fulfillment by a simple phone sex call can
do wonders for the mind body and soul.

Phone Sex is a safe sex outlet to explore a fantasy in the privacy and comfort of your own bedroom or anywhere at home, which puts a caller at ease and being more relaxed helps them open up about their fantasies. It’s complete anonymity which makes phone sex so extremely appealing allowing the caller to jump out of his comfort zone and try something new and exciting such as sexual fantasies that may involve some role play, kinky sex, confessions or even forbidden fantasies meaning anything goes. Something you might only imagine can be explored that would never happen in a real life situation. It’s intimate and involves immediate gratification with no strings attached. You can imagine each other exactly as you want and have the hottest phone sex encounter.
Being a phone sex operator and having phone sex is exciting. I offer advise and sexy tips on how to please a woman and I will talk to you about anything you want. I am a high end operator with no taboo’s dirty talk. The secret to hot phone sex is a good phone sex operator who is expressive
in the sexual fantasy and realistic about it. The caller should feel like they are right there in person with me. Amazing phone sex usually works best when the caller and the operator

participate in the fantasy together both describing and building up to a hot climax. It makes the phone sex feel very real. I can enjoy many sexual fantasies and the greatest joy of phone sex is the shared mutual sexual gratification. My regular callers share very intimate fantasies that only I know. I am also a trusted friend and a secret lover to many wonderful callers. Phone Sex is a great way to masturbate and spice up your sex life. Trust me phone sex is better then masturbation all alone. I am a phone friend you can always count on we can play and you can learn a few sizzling sexual

tips on making your sex life better and appealing.
Oh I hear the phone ringing probably another phone sex call
hmm I can’t wait to play

James and his roleplay fantasies

Posted by Becky

Greetings all. This is my first time ever really posting on someone’s blog before
so I’m naturally awkward, a bit nervous, and still geeked about it. Geeked, there’s
a word that isn’t too abused until I get done with it! Ha! I’ve been debating on what
name I should go with on here, or if I should really post one at all. However, after
much brooding on the rather trivial subject (in the grand scheme of life), I’ve
decided to use my name its James. So, let’s drive this post in some kind of a
direction shall we? My day hasn’t been all that well and I attribute that to TWO
reasons: communication as well as understanding. Let’s elaborate on these points,
but as it pertains to Phone Sex with regards to your’s truly.
I LOVE roleplaying. Roleplays. I love ‘em. In all honesty, they’re my kink,
fetish, etc. I like to challenge the creativity and boundaries Rebecca on the other
end. Most times, I like to empower her but by no means does that make me a true
submissive. I have an idea of where I want to go with a call. It’s important to have
a feel. The easy part is that I truly ‘connect’ with Rebecca
My roleplays are far from the normal. I don’t like to do the secretary, or the boss
lady, or co-worker ones NEARLY as much as I do some far out there setting
(vampires, demoness, Queen, warriors, etc ). By suspending the reality of the
setting, it helps me to focus on the real EMOTIONS and interplay between man
and woman. Often it’s a subtle thing perhaps even overlooked from the
obviousness of why I’m calling (i.e. to have a great orgasm of course!).
I strive for the ultimate, perfect roleplay. I’ve had some very close experiences to
it, so I know it’s achievable. I long for that call that just goes fantastic from the
beginning ‘hello’ to the reluctant ‘farewell’ at the end. In it, the female character
will be intelligent, charismatic, and strong enough to able to be a guiding/sensual
domme type figure. She’ll overwhelm my male character with her own, invariable
‘weakness’ (that being an intense desire to have sex), and she’ll take him by storm
on all three levels (the brief foreplay, the actual seduction itself, and the after
play). I’ll be left spent both physically as well as mentally, but I’ll be okay because
hot Rebecca wraps her body and mind around me and tucks me under a proverbial
blanket so that I can rest up for the next time. If you thinking about doing a
roleplay I really suggest you try a phone sex session with Rebecca, She is one of
my top choices for phone sex girls on the net. I gotta get going or I will be late for

what is role play phone sex ?

Posted by Becky

What is roleplay? A very common question I am asked often, my response is that “it’s a fantasy scenario decided by my caller”. The options are endless, but some of the more common roleplay’s are: the babysitter, the next door neighbor, your boss at work or a coworker like the naughty secretary or your mom’s best friend ect. They are the most common ones.

Some roleplay are more taboo and darker such as a fetish or a kinky domination call, which
allows me to get out my black leather boots some toys and turn you into my submissive slave.
This is not an uncommon request in fact many professional executives love to be submissive
little slaves and crave the power exchange with me.
So the next time you decide to call me why not try a role play phone sex session,
its fun to try something different. Are you ready to explore with me ?

cheap phone sex

Posted by Becky

So you might be wondering all about my cheap phone sex calls right?
I have no extra costs my calls will cost you only $16.00 for 15mins
Simply fill out the buy a call form, you purchase right off my website and then you can call me. ( its easy and fast to do)
There is nothing I want more then to feel a man between my legs. My red panites are soaking wet with juices. It Monday and I need to be fucked guys.

Are you in a Sissy Mood today

Posted by Becky

I can be very dominant in fact I adore training slut sissy boys. It’s time we get you in touch with your inner sissy. Let me mind fuck you, and have an accomplice play with us. I want to dress you up in my love just like a sissy. I savor it being all for my amusement. Let’s look at the victoria secret website together.
I will arrange a tea party with all my girlfriends and you need to be all dressed up and are expected to service all my party girls.
I am ready for a domination phone sex call. I have my dildo and other sex toys so be ready when you call me today slaves
Mistress Rebecca
phone sex domination

September the last day on the month

Posted by Becky

Hi guys

II do have another phone sex site.I am offering phone sex calls for only $10.00 for 10mins. If your on a tight budget this might be on option. I know I can get you off in ten minutes but as always you can purchase a longer calls if you want to play longer. ( wink) here’s the link. Talk to you later my phone is ringing


Spooning I really like it

Posted by Becky

Over the weekend I got together with my ex for some hot sex. Have you ever tried sexual spooning? Its where the guy leans against a woman’s back and he puts his cock againt her ass cheeks and them inside her cunt.
I decided to get a little more playful and asked him to push his cock into my asshole
oh god it felt so good up my ass. I’m still feeling horny I could use a good phone sex call right now
If your in the mood to fuck me, then lets do a phone sex call

Phone Sex Handjobs

Posted by Becky

Good Morning all you sexy guys,

I am going to talk about handjobs. We all masterbate and I like to do it often probably several times a day. Last night I gave one caller his first time handjob. He told me it was really good much better then jerking off alone.
The excitement started to build between us I could hear his voice sounding deeper and his breath moving faster. I was telling him to stroke it and jerk his cock off and he just couldn’t hold back any longer after 13 mins of hot teasing his cock pumped out a blast of cum. I was so turned on my pussy creamed shortly after. WE EXPLODED handjobs turn me on. My rates for a phone sex call are simple you get 15mins on a toll free lin for only $16.00 ( no hidden or extra costs )
oh my ring is ringing gotta run later guys

Manic Monday

Posted by Becky

I had a date on friday the wine and food and conversation was pleasant and entertaining. but I did’t take it to the bedroom, as you can guess I am very horny this morning because I decided not to fuck him. I am in a extremely naughty mood so I would enjoy some cheap nasty phone sex right now. Any willing men out there ready to do my bidding?

Friday night date

Posted by Becky

I have a date on friday night. One of my friends decided she would set up a surprise date. Amanda hasn’t told him my dirty little secret, well its a sexy secret I am a phone sex operator (that’s what I do for a living) What do you think should I tell him about it on a first time date? On second thought I will wait to see if he is a keeper or not (lol)

I gotta go I have some emails to answer
talk to you later guys
kisses rebecca

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